Burning question! …

The world is full of unanswered questions!  

Right now I have a burning question I can’t seem to find an answer for …

Why do big toes have hairs?

Now I haven’t done a massive survey on this and collected loads of data, but I have asked friends. Most women I know (which isn’t many) confess to having under five big toe hairs, 
I myself have three. Does that make me a freak! 

I am not sure how many men have as I’m thinking it may be slightly offensive & weird to ask straight out. I may set up a no shoe and sock policy in my house using hidden foot CCTV to be able to get some real statics collected. Just gotta get some men to enter through the threshold, need to think …

Also the quality of hair, mine are soft and fine but a woman friend said hers are thick which leads to other questions …

Are we born with it?

Wondering about texture, how extreme does it differ and why?

Do they go grey in old age? 

Can your big toe suddenly go bald? 

Anyhow I digress … Why do big toes have hair, it can’t be for protection because three hairs aren’t going to do anything to protect. In fact if my foot were covered in hair and a car rolled over it, I am 100% sure it would still hurt loads.

There are no openings so no need for protection there either. They aren’t long enough to style to funk up a pedicure or go to a big toe hair stylist.

Visualising new movie … Hair raising performance ‘The Three Hair Musketeers’ coming to a big toe near you!  

Why oh why are they there?

Other hair bits I can understand and can come up with sensible & novel answers, for example hair on fingers is to help when you use your hand to wipe your nose (if you haven’t got a tissue handy). It creates a anti slip surface for the mucous to be wiped away discreetly.

We know eyebrows are the umbrellas on our faces.

Leg & hair arm are thermostat control.

I shall stop there! 🙂

Would love to hear any pearls of wisdom you may be able to offer, I am certain there is an answer I just can’t see it …

Sand book …

At school a child was reading all about ‘sand’ they got fascinated by some of the facts. I was able to tell them about the coloured sand rocks at the Isle of Wight, how people used to be able to scrap them to get a rainbow colour of sand in a glass. You now have to buy the glass jars ready made up but still lovely to look at the rocks in their glory.

I then remembered when I was little I used to visit Weymouth, South of England, there used to be a sand sculpture on the beach, where a theme would be chosen & made entirely out of sand. 

The child was very inquisitive to find out more so off we went to research …

We found that the sand sculpture pitch on beach had turned into a sand world. We flicked through the photos both open mouthed & wide eyed. Some were amazing, people are very talented, look at what we can create out of different materials beautiful skilled art work. 

Anyhow I found this one and just had to post for all book lovers out there! 

Image from sand world, Weymouth.

Emoji 🐳 book …


The book Moby Dick (Herman Melville) probably considered by some to be the greatest book written tells of a great sea adventure and of human determination.

I recently discovered that in 2009 Fred Beneson (data engineer) had a light bulb moment. Why not turn this great book in English literature into the future of modern expression … Emoji! At first he did consider translating the bible into emoji.

Emoji’s are used in text, emails & social network … 💻 📱  👀

Influenced by how modern cultures, language & communication relies a lot on digital technology, he set about fund raising, then contracted thousands of people to translate one sentence each into emoji. Then a vote took place, the best ones entered into the book.
Example of text –
Call me Ishmael …


The Library of Congress added the book to it’s massive collection of great classics. 
Very interesting …

What do you think?

👍 👌 👏 👎 😵 💩

Road rage … 


In my car I had to go down a street that is very narrow due to residential parking, at the ends of the long road cars queue up facing each other. 

The unwritten rule is to let a few go one end then a few go the other. Cars seemed to pile up in the middle so there was an halt to movement. Slowly but surely cars started to move again, then I ended up at the next small street which joins with a main road. It has room for a couple of cars to wait at the bottom so you politely wait at the top so you don’t block the road, which is what I did (waited politely that is) … But the car behind with the blacked out windows decided he did not want to wait. He overtook on two wheels with a screech and engine revs that were sooo loud it sounded like an aeroplane (slight exaggeration but called for to help you visualise). Only to be met with a land rover coming the other way, lucky no one got hurt. The land rover done a one finger wave to black out window car. When they managed to get past each other I was able to shift my car forward and ended up behind Mr black out window car. Then I found myself mouthing something like ‘silly man’ the true words have been omitted because they were xrated! 
The reason why I’m telling you this is because I was reading a psychology piece saying that you should sing a song of joy 😦 if someone cuts you up etc (cuts you up as in car not as in axe murder because if someone was doing that, I’m sure I would not be singing a song of joy). 

It stated to let the driver, drive on out of your life do not let it impact you negatively … 

Ok that’s a good point, but then it adds we are all fundamentally the same, though you may not be the aggressor, loose cannon driver, there are aspects of that person that are just like you. Then it lists things like …

They could have graduated from the same school!?

They could like the same books!? … 

Well that’s when I just burst out laughing! 

So the moral of this is when an idiot cuts you up and nearly causes a crash my dear little bookworm friends just wonder if they are reading the same book as you … :-/

Giving a book as a gift …


At work today I was in the staff room and one of my work colleagues mobile went off, she picked up this gorgeous embroidered bag to retrieve her phone. After putting her mobile back I said ‘what a gorgeous bag!’. She replied ‘yep it’s my sisters birthday present, I liked it that much that I didn’t give it to her in the end’. Well there was division in the staff room of whether this was ‘ethical’, which I found highly amusing. My mind drifted off to my bookcase where I have endless books, some bought as gifts but never quite reached the person intended. Here is one of them such a delightful book ‘Heels on Wheels’ similar to Haynes car maintenance books but so much prettier. It covers how to ride a bike in a skirt, how to change a tyre & how to pimp your ride. It was meant to be a friends gift but when I got home I thought it was too cute to let go, besides it just fitted in the space on my book shelf. I think I may have a little problem with being a bibliophile! I did get my friend another gift, it was a book again but this time I bought two exactly the same, one sits on my bookcase, the other made it to my friends house! 😉

Mr Men …


A friend who recently visited me stopped to pause at my book shelf unit. He looked on the top row and saw my Mr Men collection, along with The Far Away Tree, Winnie the Pooh and Heidi. He asked ‘your kids books?’ … No I replied they are mine! My friend looked puzzled then looked at me and said you truly love books don’t you! 

I then proceeded to break out in probably far too much excitement about my favourite Mr Men book … Mr Messy!

Mr Messy is the most adorable character whom was rather … well messy … messy by name, messy by nature!

The story is that he stumbles across Mr Neat & Mr Tidy, they are very bossy and insist they tidy up Mr Messy’s house. They do not take no for an answer and off they set, they turn his house into a show room. Poor Mr Messy is stuck for words he preferred his house messy. Mr Neat & Mr Tidy then decide Mr Messy is too messy to live in his house now so they both had the same thought, they would have to tidy Mr Messy up! Well they scrubbed him in the bath, brushed him, cleaned him and combed him until he was one slick Mr Messy. The picture creases me  up with laughter every time of a very untangled Mr Messy with two dark eyes looking very stunned.

Mr Messy didn’t feel like himself but I think secretly he liked his new look and they all became good friends. The moral at the end of the book is if your a very messy person you might have a visit from two people and you know who they are called don’t you! 

All the Mr Men books are fantastic with brilliant vocabulary and illustration to delight a child of any age, even the more mature inner child would enjoy! 😉

Pulped Fiction …

Fascinating fact …

The M6 toll road (UK) is made of pulped books, 2,500,000 Mills & Boons books (plus other titles) were used. 

The ‘slushiness’ of the books make them a great absorbent material, it helps hold the tarmac and asphalt in place. It also acts as a great sound absorber and stops the road from splitting.

The books are usually end of the line, damaged or unsold and are sent to a recycling plant to be prepared. 

It takes 45,000 books for every mile of motorway. 

The road apparently lasts longer so less repairs needed.

It is a vital ingredient added to new roads to prolong the life of the road. 

Brings a whole new meaning to reading the road ahead!