Sand book …

At school a child was reading all about ‘sand’ they got fascinated by some of the facts. I was able to tell them about the coloured sand rocks at the Isle of Wight, how people used to be able to scrap them to get a rainbow colour of sand in a glass. You now have to buy the glass jars ready made up but still lovely to look at the rocks in their glory.

I then remembered when I was little I used to visit Weymouth, South of England, there used to be a sand sculpture on the beach, where a theme would be chosen & made entirely out of sand. 

The child was very inquisitive to find out more so off we went to research …

We found that the sand sculpture pitch on beach had turned into a sand world. We flicked through the photos both open mouthed & wide eyed. Some were amazing, people are very talented, look at what we can create out of different materials beautiful skilled art work. 

Anyhow I found this one and just had to post for all book lovers out there! 

Image from sand world, Weymouth.

Emoji 🐳 book …


The book Moby Dick (Herman Melville) probably considered by some to be the greatest book written tells of a great sea adventure and of human determination.

I recently discovered that in 2009 Fred Beneson (data engineer) had a light bulb moment. Why not turn this great book in English literature into the future of modern expression … Emoji! At first he did consider translating the bible into emoji.

Emoji’s are used in text, emails & social network … 💻 📱  👀

Influenced by how modern cultures, language & communication relies a lot on digital technology, he set about fund raising, then contracted thousands of people to translate one sentence each into emoji. Then a vote took place, the best ones entered into the book.
Example of text –
Call me Ishmael …


The Library of Congress added the book to it’s massive collection of great classics. 
Very interesting …

What do you think?

👍 👌 👏 👎 😵 💩

Book review …

Journey by Aaron Becker.

I came across this book at school, we are doing a massive literacy unit on it. We launched the start and the children & adults absolutely love it, a fantastic book for all ages. Where the book differs is it has no text, so the reader interprets the story solely through the pictures. This allows the reader to get deeper & more intricate each time the book is picked up. 
It is a masterpiece, the art work is beautifully detailed. The story revolves around a young lonely, bored girl where she travels through a imaginary world with her magic red crayon. 

It encourages rich vocabulary from the reader with it’s lush, visual, jaw dropping pictures. It is a book you can share and debate as to what, why, when etc …

The start leads to the end and the end to the start, which you don’t notice on the first ‘read’.

The illustrations alone are so impressive, a stunning book for all bookworms out there…

It would also make a wonderful gift, one to remember!  

Creative minds …

Trying to still the mind is at times like trying to tame a wild lion. 

I have times when I try to balance my thoughts and my feelings only for them to come crashing forward with power like the ocean beating against the rocks. 

Minds are amazing things but they can work against you at times. Have you noticed how creative people suffer with their mind, it’s almost as if creativity comes hand in hand with a wild mind.

The mind can be so exciting feeding and releasing wonderful creative things, but the mind can also trigger darkness. The mind plus outside influences can be a recipe for disaster at times.

I have been studying the mind and the unconscious part of the brain is in constant conflict with the conscious part of the brain, this is meant to bring harmony but in certain types of people it brings anxiety as the unconscious part just can’t handle reality. If you imagine most creative people are deep thinkers some may even be considered day dreamers, they usually display roller coaster of emotions, dark and light moments and even prone to depression. Your best creative moments don’t stop in the dark times, it’s usually your functioning that gets affected. You bring forth defence mechanisms, you notice that you are not the same as others they seem to effortlessly go through life. You seem to have to endlessly battle with yourself. 

It is of comfort to know that we are not the only ones famous artists, writers, musicians, psychologists etc have all suffered in their lives too. 

It has been medically proven that if you meditate this can help bring some balance, but this too depends on the person to what degree.

Is there really an answer I’m unsure maybe just knowing and accepting that you are this type will release some of the torment, being thankful for the creativity that comes from this powerful mind. The mind is totally mind blowing from what I have discovered it can be rewired to a certain degree but this requires knowledge and respect, finding out how it functions plus time, we have wonderful clever people doing studies on the brain as you read this. They are discovering so much more about the brain how it can shrink, grow, how parts can become more dominate … Absolutely Amazing!