I picked up these lovely books in Ashbourne in the UK from a old antique shop. 

The books were in a box priced at £1 with various other books, just outside the shop on the pavement.

The Red one has information all about Staffordshire & the burgundy one about London. The imprint on the burgundy front cover added to it’s calling me to pick it up. 

Apart from them being a great price & having some very interesting facts & images that are a delight to read, it was the smell that got me.

As I opened up the books that great ‘fix’ from the aroma of old pages that could tell a tale or two got to me.

I stood there on the pavement with the sunshine on my face, nose in the books almost inhaling the text of the pages. I was transfixed, lost in pure pleasure, carried off to a dream world full of books where reality vanishes.

After catching a glimpse of myself in the shop window I was brought back down to earth. I just had to have them. 

I keep them on my top shelf & have them there incase of emergency … SNIFF!


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