Love the smell of books? …


For all those who’s guilty pleasure is sniffing old and new books …

Did you know you can get candles that smell of books, libraries and bookstores, these are becoming more popular and can be picked up quite cheaply. Imagine reading a book at home but it smells like your in a old quaint bookshop … Fabulous!

But OMG look what I’ve stumbled across …

A unisex perfume (approx £70) it’s been formulated to smell like books so it will appeal to book lovers. I have no idea what it smells like but I WANT!

It comes in a book that has pages with text on so you could slot it between your other books with the little perfume bottle inside 🙂

What a quirky novel idea … 

I sooo wana smell of my true love … Books!!!  📚

Mr Men …


A friend who recently visited me stopped to pause at my book shelf unit. He looked on the top row and saw my Mr Men collection, along with The Far Away Tree, Winnie the Pooh and Heidi. He asked ‘your kids books?’ … No I replied they are mine! My friend looked puzzled then looked at me and said you truly love books don’t you! 

I then proceeded to break out in probably far too much excitement about my favourite Mr Men book … Mr Messy!

Mr Messy is the most adorable character whom was rather … well messy … messy by name, messy by nature!

The story is that he stumbles across Mr Neat & Mr Tidy, they are very bossy and insist they tidy up Mr Messy’s house. They do not take no for an answer and off they set, they turn his house into a show room. Poor Mr Messy is stuck for words he preferred his house messy. Mr Neat & Mr Tidy then decide Mr Messy is too messy to live in his house now so they both had the same thought, they would have to tidy Mr Messy up! Well they scrubbed him in the bath, brushed him, cleaned him and combed him until he was one slick Mr Messy. The picture creases me  up with laughter every time of a very untangled Mr Messy with two dark eyes looking very stunned.

Mr Messy didn’t feel like himself but I think secretly he liked his new look and they all became good friends. The moral at the end of the book is if your a very messy person you might have a visit from two people and you know who they are called don’t you! 

All the Mr Men books are fantastic with brilliant vocabulary and illustration to delight a child of any age, even the more mature inner child would enjoy! 😉

The Book Thief …

The Book Thief is an amazing book it is probably a favourite along with a couple of others. 

Now normally I would not even contemplate or entertain the idea of watching a film that had been produced from such a favourite book. The reason being is when you get pulled into the written word your imagination takes over, little clues are given here and there but it’s your vision that is taking shape in your mind and heart. 

However for some strange reason the front cover of this film just pulled me in, I did not search for this on the shelf it seemed to search for me. The girl looked better than my imagination, she looked just as she should look. The way she grasped at the book made my heart sing. She has an angelic face with determination that would sit happily as a beautiful portrait in any art gallery. It was a face that could tell a story, a face that would look good tilted towards a book. 

I found myself just having to buy it. To be trueful I was a little nervous to watch it but literally after a few seconds it had me hook, line & sinker. The acting was fantastic, the characters were just right, I delighted in the film and was moved to tears at the same time. My thoughts have now been updated to the characters of the film where I can reminisce with fondness in my heart and mind of this absolutely, wonderful, beautiful, moving story. 

Ukuele buddies …

  Hey … let me introduce you to my baby rubyred ukulele. 

I started playing (well attempting) a short while ago. I still get extremely sore fingers but have been told they will soon be like beef jerky :-/

I set a challenge to myself to learn to play, I have a flute that I  dabbled with quite some years back and after mastering ‘jingle bells’ I gave up. 

I am not musical in the slightest but have a yearning to play an instrument. The ukulele is very cute sounding and extremely good fun. 

I am learning the chords and trying to change them without too much looking. I can strum now, sometimes my peter pointer will catch on strings, sometimes I lose count but I am definitely improving. 

I do find it relaxes me and aids my mind when it goes haywire, which happens a lot.

I can’t wait till I can strum out some tunes and sing at the top of my voice, not sure my dogs will be looking forward to it quite as much but they can be backing singers!

So are there any other ukulele players on WordPress I would imagine if you like books, writing, poetry, photography there must be some who like to dabble too…

Pulped Fiction …

Fascinating fact …

The M6 toll road (UK) is made of pulped books, 2,500,000 Mills & Boons books (plus other titles) were used. 

The ‘slushiness’ of the books make them a great absorbent material, it helps hold the tarmac and asphalt in place. It also acts as a great sound absorber and stops the road from splitting.

The books are usually end of the line, damaged or unsold and are sent to a recycling plant to be prepared. 

It takes 45,000 books for every mile of motorway. 

The road apparently lasts longer so less repairs needed.

It is a vital ingredient added to new roads to prolong the life of the road. 

Brings a whole new meaning to reading the road ahead! 

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover …


Shiver me timbers! 

Harvard university’s library holds a book binded of human skin. It was stumbled on by the strange looking leather cover…

In 2014, Harvard’s Houghton Library confirmed a book in its collection, Des destinées de l’ame by Arsène Houssaye was bound in human skin. It has been tested and 99% confident it is of human origin.

A rather morbid inscription on the inside of the book reads…

This book is bound in human skin parchment on which no ornament has been stamped to preserve its elegance. By looking carefully you easily distinguish the pores of the skin. A book about the human soul deserved to have a human covering: I had kept this piece of human skin taken from the back of a woman. It is interesting to see the different aspects that change this skin according to the method of preparation to which it is subjected. Compare for example with the small volume I have in my library, Sever. Pinaeus de Virginitatis notiswhich is also bound in human skin but tanned with sumac.

It was popular during the 17th century to bind books with human & animal skin, but has been found as early as 13th century on a French Bible.

It’s referred to as Anthropodermic bibliopegy and when it came to anatomical textbooks it proved common to use skin. Even medical  professionals would often use the flesh of a corpse they’d dissected during their research.

If you visit the library you can actually see the human flesh book … Apparently quite a few library’s have flesh covered books … 

‘Coming to a library near you!’

Yikes It’s enough to make your flesh crawl! 

Live life …

I have had some time to really figure out some stuff about myself. I think because of my new life journey, leaving religion, finding me, I’ve been looking for validation from others. Now I know that this is natural in us all but I think it may have become unhealthy for me. You see I have a slight addictive nature, one that can become easy addictive to things. I try hard not to get into routines as I know over time I will get use to these it will mess with my head. Years ago I suffered with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which I managed with professional help to break away from. However I am acutely aware that at any times of anxiety periods this may take root. I am finding that though religion caused many issues for me, I also have some issues resurfacing from when I was younger. 

Religion suppressed any of these now I’m finding I have to face them head on. I find it’s a battle that makes me weak at times. I also find that I may seem so freaky to others but never the less it is something that I have to face and work through. 

I live quite a lonely life when I say that I am not looking for sympathy it is a fact. I can become emotional about this at times because there are times when I just need someone to hold me, someone to just say I care, I love you but this rarely happens. 

Today is a day where I don’t want to reflect. I am fed up of going through an emotional roller coaster …

I want to start living my life instead of just existing!